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Secret Baccarat Counting Technique (137-page PDF)

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Can you count to five?

If you can and are willing to risk $18 as your “seed capital” you can turn baccarat into the most powerful source of cash available today.

Until now, it took a large bankroll and months of practice to master any of the professional baccarat systems.

With Five-Count Baccarat you can forget about raising the large bankroll usually required to play and beat this game.

Instead of requiring $10,000 or more to win, you can win more than the most sophisticated high bankroll players with as little as $18 to start.

And, you won’t have to spend the next three months practicing to master this strategy!

Instead of spending months practicing a complex strategy, I am going to show you a foolproof way of winning at baccarat that you can learn in about half an hour.

You are just moments away from discovering how to gain a large edge over baccarat and win at a blazing fast rate!

Once you discover this secret, you will be able to make $2,000, $3,000 or even $5,000 a day playing baccarat – anytime you like!

And, because it wins large amounts very quickly, you’ll rapidly move up to winning $500 to $1,000 an hour even if you have never played this game!

You are about to learn –

·         How you can turn $18 into an income of $1,984 an hour in just two and half hours of play!

·         How you can set up a weekly income of $9,000 a week playing baccarat online for just four hours a week!

·         How you can move up to $100 betting in one week playing in land-based games and then pull in a staggering $18,000 a week playing just ten hours a week!

·         How you can play the Rhythms of Baccarat to win a higher percentage of your bets than with any other strategy or system!

How you can win over four times the amount of your buy-in every hour you play!

A 100% Proven Performer That Throws Off Winnings Faster Than Any Other Gambling System!

I hope you are ready for some excitement in your life. To me there is no better feeling than to walk up to any baccarat table or sign on to an online game and, in less than twenty rounds of play, pull off a sizable win.

The experts tell me that I should play for a whole shoe or a designated period of time. I say hogwash!

If these methods worked so well, why are 95% of baccarat players losers?

I want you to set aside everything you think you know about how to win at baccarat.

I am going to show you a way that beats the game nine out of ten sessions and does it using a tiny bankroll. On top of this, it wins larger amounts faster than any other system!

Here’s what one of my players, Jerry S., said about his experiences using Five-Count Baccarat –

“This strategy wins so fast that I usually wrap up four complete games an hour playing in my favorite casino.

“And, I am not just winning peanuts either. Making $50 bets I easily win $1,000 an hour!

“On top of all this I am the most relaxed player in the casino because I am always favored to win.”

Here Are Just Some of the Benefits You Will Gain as a Five-Count Baccarat Super Player!

·         You’ll master this system very quickly. Five-Count Baccarat is the easiest professional level baccarat system ever created. (Most players learn it in about thirty minutes).

·         You don’t need any background playing baccarat or any other casino game to quickly master this high-performance, low maintenance strategy.

·         You’ll need almost no money to set up. Some of our players have started with less then $5 in online games accepting 25-cent bets!

·         You’ll win at such a high rate that you will quickly be able to turn a bankroll of $18 into thousands of dollars (we’ll show you how to do this in five days, playing thirty minutes a day).

·         You’ll get a professional baccarat system at a bargain level price. This program is a professional level program priced so ridiculously low that it is hard to believe. (I’ll explain why later.)

·         You’ll get a perfected system ready for your immediate profits! This program is 100% tested and verified. You won’t end up being the guinea pig with this system. It will be delivered to you complete and ready for your immediate profits!

My name is Richard. I have been a successful winning gambler for close to thirty years. Right now you might say I am semi-retired.

Even though I am retired, I still gamble three or four times a week. Some people consider me one of the best authorities on real-life winning systems because winning is my life.

In other words, I don’t make my money writing books or selling systems. I depend on winning systems to pull in money every week. So, for me gambling is not about theory or presentation. Since I depend on my systems to consistently win, I have to use only the very best systems ever developed.

Five-Count Baccarat is one of these systems. In fact it is the fastest winning system of all the systems I use.

What is most amazing to me is how easy it is to learn and use. While most baccarat systems are getting more and more complex, the Five-Count Baccarat Strategy is super simple.

If you can count to five, you can win a fortune with this system!

But, unlike 90% of the baccarat systems that are really good, this system can be played with a bargain basement bankroll.

In fact, if you have $18 you have enough to quickly move up to winning over $1,000 an hour.
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