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The Awesome Power of Simple Baccarat

Here are some of the performance characteristics of this system –

It uses six bets and is a very low bankroll system. It only takes $35 to get started.

It is a low bet spread system. The highest bet is only twice as large as the smallest bet.

It wins at a blazing fast rate. For instance, it takes two minutes to hit a win online and about nine minutes to win in a land-based game.

There is no card tracking, bet tracking or counting decisions entailed.

And, it wins like no other system I have ever seen. Anyone with $35 can win $1,110 an hour with this system.

Simple Baccarat Uses New Concepts Never Seen Before in a Winning Betting System

It is not a progressive betting system. In fact its bets are almost flat.

It does not use Martingale, Labochere, Ascot, Simple Regression, Parlays or any other old-time betting system.

It relies on small bets to set up unique opportunities for a High-Profitability Bet called the Strike Bet.

And, it uses a never-before-released bet selection system that wins on trending, counter-trending and choppy tables at the highest win rate ever documented!

The World of Simple Baccarat

Baccarat is not as well known as blackjack or roulette. Many players are not even aware that it is available in land-based casinos in a mini-baccarat version or that just about every online casino offers baccarat.

If you haven’t played the game before, I am going to give you a reason to learn the game –

The Incredible Winning Power of Simple Baccarat!

If you are already a baccarat player, you are about to gain access to a system that will totally change the way you play and will pump up your winnings like never before!

Simple Baccarat is not like any baccarat system ever created -

It uses only six bets.

And the bets are not in a traditional progression.

These are special bets designed to set up the High-Profit Strike Bet.

The Strike Bet is a special timing bet set up by wins using the six special bets.

While the six bets are a strong winning system in themselves, when the Strike Bet is added something extraordinary occurs –

The Simple Baccarat System becomes the fastest and highest winning baccarat system ever tested.

When I welcome you to the world of Simple Baccarat. You are one of the few players who has gained access to the system developed for a billionaire that wins like crazy for players using just $35!

The Incredible Power of Simple Baccarat

Simple Baccarat is probably the easiest baccarat system I have ever used. You don’t have to keep track of decisions. You never have to write anything down. (I used two chips to guide me through all of my play.)

It doesn’t take much money. As you know, $35 is all you need for $5 play.

It is not hard to use. Can you count to six? Then you have half of the system down.

And, it has a couple of secret weapons I haven’t told you about.

They are the Strike Bet and the Six-Bet Coup!

Strike Bets Kick The Winnings Into Overdrive!

The Six Special Bets are all you need to win at baccarat. However, under certain circumstances you will change one of these bets into a Strike Bet!

When the time is right you will turn a regular bet into the more powerful Strike Bet.

Strike Bets are bets that are higher than normal. Certain circumstances “set up” each Strike Bet.

I am not talking about parlaying a win or a simple progression-regression move.

The Strike Bet is only made when it is favored to win!

This bet provides much of Simple Baccarat’s ability to bring in wins so quickly.

Think of it this way –

The Six Special Bets are enough to win at baccarat. When the Strike Bet is added, you not only win but you win at blazing fast speed!

The Strike Bet is designed to kick up the win rate. And it does this with proven efficiency!

Locking Up Wins With Six-Bet Coups!

The other secret weapon used by Simple Baccarat is the Six-Bet Coup!

The Six Special Bets are designed to quickly win Six-Bet Coups.

A Six-Bet Coup is a profit goal easily reached by combining the Six Special Bets with the high winning power of the Strike Bet.

Tested over thousands of rounds of play in real-life baccarat games, we determined that it takes just 9.3 rounds of play to win a Six-Bet Coup.

Now, that may sound like a lot of wagers to win one coup.

Except for one thing I forgot to mention –

Winning one Six-Bet Coup is all it takes to wrap up a winning game.

Now let me put this together for you –

You will play baccarat using Six Special Bets.

Then, when the time is right you’ll add the High-Profit Strike Bet.

And, the object of all of this firepower is to win the Six-Bet Coup.

And, each coup win is the same as winning a game.

Remember when I told you that I was winning a game every two minutes playing online?

Now you know how I was doing this.

Each time I won another Six-Bet Coup, I put another winning game away.

And, I won a Six-Bet Coup every 9.3 rounds of play on the average.

Impressed? I know I am. But, I still haven’t told you about how Simple Baccarat wins a majority of its bets and takes control of baccarat!

Where To Place Each Wager

The most ignored part of every gambling system is bet selection. That is especially true with a game like baccarat which has two even-money bets that have almost equal chances of showing.

Many players pick one side or the other and stick with it.

Some players will play follow the leader and always bet for the last decision to repeat.

Other players play on hunches.

Some players write down every decision and then use elaborate systems to look for patterns and anti-patterns trying to determine where to bet.

Many of the big players are strictly hunch players and often bet against players they don’t like.

When Richard Cui took on the task of developing a winning baccarat system for a player betting $5,000 to $10,000 a hand, he knew he had to first start with a better way of picking where to bet.

Once he limited his bet size to a low 2 to 1 bet spread, he knew that he had to come up with a way of winning most of the wagers.

Baccarat is basically a 50-50 betting proposition, much like tossing a coin. If you play the game long enough, banker decisions will occur more often than player decisions, but for practical purposes, in short-term play, you can expect the decisions to occur about equally.

Andrew faced a tough challenge. He had to find a way to win more than half of the decisions every time he played. He couldn’t accomplish this with the bets alone. He needed a new way of selecting bets at baccarat that could beat the 50-50 odds.

This was a tough one. He needed a new method of bet selection that could do all these things and do them well.

He had to have a trend following system.

But, at the same time he needed a system that could match strong counter-trends as these occur fairly often in baccarat.

And, in addition, he needed a system that could handle every kind of irregular chop and still beat the odds!

Andrew told me that perfecting his method of choosing where to bet was the toughest part of his assignment.

The pressure was on. He had a betting system that would work. Now he needed to match it with a new way of selecting bets that could overcome the laws of chance!

Riptides and Baccarat

Andrew was stumped. He had tried 37 different methods of selecting baccarat bets and still had not found the right system to match his carefully constructed betting strategy.

The solution finally hit him – when he was reading about riptides!

Riptides are really rip currents that are strong channels of water flowing near the shore.

They can be extremely dangerous, dragging swimmers away from the beach.

To escape a rip current entails doing just the opposite of what many swimmers try. Most swimmers panic and try to swim back to shore fighting against the strength of the current. This risks exhaustion and drowning. A better procedure is to swim in a diagonal direction to the rip current or even to calmly float or tread water to conserve energy. Eventually the rip will lose its strength.

Once Andrew read that, his mind starting racing a mile a minute. He thought of the similarity of rip currents with some perplexing strings of baccarat decisions. He had an idea!

“I have been attempting to swim against the tide of decisions. Instead I need to use a procedure that mimics the best procedures for escaping a rip current.

He had an idea. He spent the next hour and a half carefully reviewing baccarat games he had recorded. He was especially interested in games where he ended up losing several bets in a row. These were baccarat’s equivalent to rip currents and exactly where he needed to improve his system.

It finally came to him. He needed only to make a small change to Bet Selection Version #34 and he would have it.

He made the changes and replayed several of his games. The baccarat rip current problem disappeared.

Over the next few days he played thousands of simulated games combining his new rip current based bet selection system with his perfected betting system.

As he reviewed the data he finally relaxed. “I’ve got it now. This system is now ready for the big time!”

Sky-High Win Rates

After Andrew and I worked out our agreement, I rounded up fourteen volunteers to test the system for me. While I trust Andrew and I am sure that everything he had told me was true there is no substitute for verifying that a system will perform with a variety of players playing in a variety of games.

We tested the system for 3,925 baccarat games in both online and land-based casinos. Here’s what we discovered –

Simple Baccarat won 92% of the games played. While this is outstanding, winning statistics only tell part of the story.

The most exciting part of this long-term test documented how much the system would win over very short time periods.

We found that it took only 9.12 decisions to wrap up a winning game. This is unbelievably fast.

Online, our players wrapped up a winning game every 2.18 minutes!

In land-based games it only took 9.12 minutes to pull in a win!

You are probably wondering how much the wins are.

Here is the part that leaves other gambling experts dumbfounded.

Each winning game averaged about 57% of our buy-in.

Let me put this is perspective –

If you buy in for $35, you are going to win an average of $20.02 every time you win.

And, you are going to win a game 6.5 times an hour in a land-based casino and over 27 times an hour in an online casino!

On a net basis (all losses deducted) you are going to win 368% of your bankroll every hour you play online.

Five-dollar bettors easily win $129 an hour using a $35 bankroll!

And, $25 bettors rake in $644 an hour off a $175 bankroll.

I am certain that you will find this system as profitable as I have.
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